The Martial Ropes system is built around the ½ beat “inserts”.  During the various rope patterns that mimic angles of attack (vertical, horizontal, circle, Figure 8 etc.), we learn to explode on the ½ beat, “inserting” the attack. By visualizing an actual opponent, target area, or defensive/offensive scenario while performing the ½ beat, the technique is much more alive.  And therefore much more effective as a training device.

Visualization is used in all the arts, martial or otherwise.  The practice of kata, a pre-arranged series of movements against imaginary opponents, is a key example.  But top athletes in all sports use visualization to optimize their performance. What are some keys to effective visualization?  In “The Warrior Mindset”by Asken, Grossman, & Christenson, they provide the following keys:

Imagine in all senses        
Use the best perspective        
Image correct responses        
Image in real time    
Practice and image problems and success        
Move and use kinesthetic imagery        
Make the images vivid
In subsequent posts I’ll provide some additional details on each of the keys.

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