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Many recommendations out there from the experts
on keeping a low profile and not flaunting your level of readiness or preparation, for several reasons. First, so that you’re not so easy to pick out by the bad guys. Second, so that you’re not perceived to be a “bad guy” by one of the “do-gooders” who may not be comfortable with concealed carry, open carry, or any other means that you’ve taken to ensure your rights & responsibilities of self-protection.  
So I was pleasantly surprised during a recent Karate Club workout in the PSU squash courts to find that someone (ESACT course?  Squash team/club?) must have gotten a delivery of rackets/cases, only to throw away all of the cases.   So I decided to recycle and turn their trash into my treasure.  
These cases make perfect unobtrusive carry cases for my kind of toys - Tomahawks, Bowie knives, assorted training or live blades.   I can have these sitting on the back seat of my car.  I can have them on my credenza at the office. I could have it thrown over my shoulder while sashaying down the street.  And to the untrained observer and most of the sheeple on the streets, it’s just a squash racket.  
Something to think about, hidden in plain sight.  What do you have easy access to, that’s effective, without raising the eyebrows of your co-workers, curious cops during a traffic stop, or the neighborhood shrill?

Trash - After
Be Prepared - today's Boy Scout: SOG Fusion Tomahawk James Keating Crossada S&W Airweight .357Mag Springfield XD 9mm

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