Do you like to run?  I hate to run and my knees hate to run. Currently my cardio work consists of KB swings and Concept2 rowing intervals.  But a Martin Rooney seminar at the Perform Better Summit in Providence got me to thinking.  Martin’s emphasis was not so much on running as it was on sprinting, and the subsequent conditioning benefits that sprinting provides.  So I’ve been more aware than usual about articles and research on the benefits of sprinting.

An article in the September 2011 Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research discussed the addition of sprint-interval training (SIT) to wrestling training.  The 
authors (Farzad, Gharakhanlou, et. al.) worked with 14 freestyle wrestlers with national or provincial ranking at a University in Tehran. Wrestlers, like other athletes, are often looking for ways to increase their level of fitness in a short period of time.  By using a relatively simple SIT protocol, the athletes were able to increase both aerobic and anaerobic performance over a 4 week period.  
What did they do?  Two SIT sessions per week (in addition to their wrestling training,
weight training, & plyometrics) which consisted of “…a 10-minute warm-up, followed by sets (3-6) of 6x35m sprints with 3 minutes of rest between sets and then a 10-minute cool-down period.”  There was a 10 second recovery between each sprint. Now that seems very feasible.  It’s low volume, but effective, and could be incorporated several times during a training cycle, in conjunction with skill training and weight training.    

Running? Still not interested.  But as much as I hate to consider it, it looks like sprinting should be added to my routine.

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