Have you used your jump rope lately?   I first started using a jump rope as a conditioning tool back in the early 80s. My first rope was the famous Lifeline beaded rope from Bobby Hinds (http://www.lifelineusa.com/).  It came with a book full of conditioning routines and “steps”.  I still have both of them.  I quickly learned some of the basic patterns and have incorporated them ever since into warm-ups, workouts, and cool-downs.  The jump rope is a great tool for aerobic conditioning, footwork, and timing, three things that are useful in just about any martial art or sport (other than maybe chess or golf).  
Unfortunately, it’s also a dying skill set.  I volunteered for 10 years every spring
for the “Field Day” events at my kids’ Elementary School.  And watching the majority of the kids struggle with basic human movement patterns and physical activity, let alone coordinated effort with a jump rope, was very disheartening.  We need to bring Physical Education and activity back into our school systems or we’re destining our kids for physical failure.   Enough said.

Try this workout that alternates rounds of jump rope with BW exercises.  Your goal is 5 rounds of 3 minutes jumping, with 1 minute rest in between.  If you can’t jump for 3 minutes, start where you can, 20 seconds, 30 seconds, a minute. Build from there.

Round 1: Jump; 15 pushups, wide grip (rest for the remainder of the minute)
Round 2: Jump; 15 BW squats (rest for the remainder)
Round 3: Jump; 15 sec Plank hold, any position (rest remainder)
Round 4: Jump; 7 forward lunges, each leg (rest remainder)
Round 5: Jump; 15 pushups, narrow grip

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