Following up on last week’s post, a couple additional thoughts on increasing your punching power. Obviously getting stronger thru any resistance training and conditioning also helps with your punching power. Here are two exercises that you can add
to an existing routine that will directly affect punching: Plyometric (Clapping) pushups, and “Power Pushups” from a kneeling position.  Check out Leith Darkin’s site (http://www.martialartsandsportscience.com.au/) for a specific article on incorporating these exercises (and others) to increase your punching power.

What I like about the Clapping Pushup is that it doesn’t require any equipment AND you can make a progression for it.  For example, you can follow the same progression used to build your pushup reps, i.e. Wall pushups, then Countertop pushups, then Kneeling Pushups, then full Pushups.  By applying an explosive motion from the “down” position in any of these variations, you can start to get the benefit of the plyometric movement, even if you aren’t a pushup maniac (NOTE – it is generally advised that you have a baseline of strength before adding plyometrics to your regimen.  But trying these easier variations, ex. Wall claps, or Countertop claps, give the explosive feeling/benefit with little risk).   
If you’re not familiar with the “Power Pushup”, you start out by kneeling with your body vertical. Fall forward into the pushup position, absorb your fall and explode back up, ending in your starting position.   I would only attempt these if you are already proficient at floor pushups and can perform several clapping pushups as well. But an intermediate
progression could also be added here, starting in the “down” position on your knees, and exploding up so that you finish in a vertical kneeling position.  As you get stronger, you can add the “fall” to start the movement.

Add some of these a couple times a week and see what you think.  

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