Did you ever reach a point in your Kata where you made a mistake, stopped, slapped yourself in the head, and said (or thought) “I always screw-up this move!”?  Maybe it’s not a problem with your physical preparation, or your “remembering”, maybe it’s a hitch in your mental process.   When learning or re-learning or mentally rehearsing a technique, it’s critically important to Image Correct Responses.  As Asken et. al. put it: “When you mentally rehearse a response sloppily or incorrectly, you will perform it sloppily or incorrectly. It’s essential to not be sloppy, lazy, or incorrect in your images."  So when you see yourself practicing the kata, make sure you see yourself practicing it correctly.

I mentioned before how I like to use mental imagery in slow-motion to really lock into the form and execution of a technique.  The authors also state that it’s important to Image in Real Time.  Just like with physical practice, sometimes (many times) you need to
practice at game speed.  Make sure to practice your mental rehearsal at actual speeds as well.  

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