I originally picked up the Boker Plus G4 for a couple of reasons - 1) I didn’t own any knives with the Wharncliffe-style blade and 2) I’m a fan of Chad Los Banos designs.  The 3 7/8” Wharncliffe blade is really good at one main function – sticking into things.  If you’re a fan of Drawpoint-type tactics or “pecking/picking” actions in a reverse grip, then
this knife would be attractive.  I’m not so keen on the perfectly straight edge.  It was fairly sharp out of the box (not great), but since there’s no
belly on the knife, you don’t get a good bite with the blade during a slicing action or draw stroke.  I see it serving in a defensive role only or as a backup, I’ll rely on something else for daily cutting chores.  The large, flat handle makes it easy to manipulate and it carries light for such a large knife.  The 4-way clip is a nice feature (although it’s so stiff it’s hard to attach to anything!) for ambidextrous carry.  Overall it’s a solid, lightweight knife that will only set you back ~ $26, so if you don’t like
it for EDC, it will easily find a place in your glove box, backpack, or briefcase.

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