Great article by Rob Panariello over at the 8 Weeks Out site  that raises an important point - how much strength do we really need for our chosen sport?  On any given day the stronger and faster athlete should do better at an activity compared to someone of equal technical ability. But there is a limit on how much time should be spent on increasing the reps, weights, sets, times, distances etc. at the expense of technique training.  

My sensei always said “if you want to get better at karate, do karate”. His rule of thumb was that cardio and strength training (in that order) should come AFTER you’ve spent time refining your basics, kata, sparring, and pad/bag work, not INSTEAD of that
technique work.  It should be a balance, but if your chosen sport is karate, don’t lose sight of that fact and get wrapped up in becoming the next CrossFit games winner on ESPN.  Get in enough shape, but as Sensei Dorow once said: “Someday someone will
challenge you.  If you are not technically proficient, you will be destroyed.”

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