I’ve wanted to pick up a medicine ball to use in some interactive drills with 2-hand and 1-hand stick basics (a.la.  Joseph Simonet).  I just kept forgetting, and my daughter wouldn’t let me use her Jane Fonda fitness ball to whack with a  stick.  I had seen some articles on-line about making your own Medicine Ball using a basketball, reamers, tire plugs, shoe goo, and a host of other accessories.  But they all seemed overly complicated and time consuming.

So yesterday afternoon I found a dead soccer ball (Size 3) from one of my boys.  I
had a bag of playground sand sitting on the portable basketball hoop.  So I cut a 3” gash in the ball, rolled up some cardboard from the recycling bin to use as a funnel, and just started stuffing some sand into the ball.  After 15 minutes of jostling and tamping, I had about 10 lbs. of sand inside.  I filled the remaining space with about 8 plastic grocery bags.  I brushed the sand from the outside and taped an “X” over the opening.  After reinforcing the patch with two intersecting circles of duct tape, I was outside to train.  Having someone loft these towards your chest (or head, depending on how they feel about you at the time) is a great way to develop timing, accuracy, and movement.

Total time invested ~ ½ hour and I had all the materials already lying around.  Well worth it to add a new implement to the home training toolbox.  Now if only I can get a few whacks at the Jane Fonda ball, it would really brighten my day, if only out of respect for those Vietnam vets that had to deal with her treasonous blather while they were serving in harm’s way.  But that’s another topic for another day. 

Give it a try.  I think you’ll have fun.

10/4/2011 02:24:16 am

I've had the opportunity to use this inexpensive training tool while reinforcing some basic single and two hand stick techniques. You can't beat this for the price and time investment. Or...I guess you can beat it.


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