No, this doesn’t refer to the latest sex-o-drama on HBO that combines the intrigue of the DaVinci Code with Hill Street Blues (if you’re under 40 you may have to Google it). I’m referring to the Dequerdes training “Cross”and Elbow “Shields”.  I constructed my first Dequerdes back in 2008.  It started out with the basic “T” pattern, which gives 2 high lines.  But eventually I smacked it too hard with a stick and broke off one of the arms.  So when I reconstructed it, I made an additional arm that’s seen in the picture.  This one gives the option to play against a mid-level attack.  It is interchangeable with another straight arm that can be mounted high.  With this setup the 2 vertical pieces and one arm are cemented in
place.  The only downside is that the removable arm tends to work loose after several minutes of activity and has to be repositioned. Nothing insurmountable, but I’ll probably just construct a 2nd one that has 2 fixed arms in the high positions and then make this one with 1 permanent mid-level arm and 1 high arm.  
The Dequerdes is an excellent training device for solo practice.  You can use sticks,
knives, empty hand, flexible weapons, practice lock flow, target specificity, and let your imagination run free.  Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time practicing various Elbow Shields and Destructions on the moving & spinning target.  It’s great for building reaction speed and precision with your elbow strikes.  You can find additional  information on both the training cross and elbow shields at either James Keating or Pete Kautz’s site.  Look for the “Dequerdes: Filipino Training Cross”and “Hellbows” materials.

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