There is often controversy in how best to develop a skill.  Which is better, quality movements or quantity of movements? Perfect practice or just practice? It can
very much depend on who you talk to and what skill you’re developing.  

In the martial arts especially, technique is critical.  There are correct ways to throw a punch or kick (just as there are “different” ways to throw the same punch or kick).  Sensei Dorow once told me
“There will come a day that you will be called upon to defend yourself.  If you are not technically proficient, you will be destroyed.”   Hmmm.  Coming from a guy that was physically tested during 2 tours on the ground in Vietnam, as well as dojo “confrontations” in the 60’s & 70’s, that’s something I take to heart.  
But on the way to perfection in technique, you have to practice a lot of reps.  A lot. Of. Reps.   And those first dozen, hundred, thousand reps are far from perfect, but they count towards the larger goal.  I like the examples used in this Fast Company article (be sure to watch the “Girl Learns to Dance in a Year” video).   And the axiom “Try fast, fail fast,
learn fast” has a lot of merit.  
So, if you’re waiting for that perfect time to start or for inspiration, don’t wait.  Get some
reasonable instruction, then get out there and try it.   Then try it again, get some feedback from a credible, reliable source, and try it some more.  Sooner or later, just about anyone can do anything.  It’s a marvelous testament to the human organism and spirit.  

My daughter dances 4 nights per week, a combination of tap, jazz, and ballet, anywhere from 2-4 hours per session.  Her goal is to become a Rockette and dance professionally.  I’ve been struggling with how to work some cross-training into her routine while still
taking into account her need for rest and recovery from the dance stressors.  There’s still a need for conditioning, core strength, and upper body work in order to support and
round out the current lower body demands. If Friday is a complete rest day after 4 straight days of dance, then Saturday is the logical cross-training day to get out and perform some alternate movements.

This past Saturday we warmed up with some jump rope and Indian Clubs then headed out back with the Martial Ropes.  We alternated some 30 second Fighting Ropes bursts using the 30’ x 1.5” rope with forward and reverse Bear Crawls while alternating drags of the 50’ x 2” rope.  We did a few sets of overhand and underhand power bursts (Brookfield’s “Tsunami”) using the 50’ x 2” rope.  Then we moved on to a couple sets of 2-Hand and 1-Hand KB swings and KB presses.  We finished off with Heaven 6 Sinawali using 2 sticks, 1 stick/empty hand, and both hands empty (I have to admit the Sinawali was more for me than for her).  It was quick and dirty, focused heavily on upper body and core, and was a nice change from dance.  The goal is to get at least one session in over the weekend, with additional days added if there are breaks in the dance schedule.  Will keep you posted.