Are you or someone you know getting ready to head
to Basic Training, OCS, or SOF?  Then it’s probably a good idea to be in shape before you get there.  Why?  Because a major reason for attrition of recruits is that they can’t meet the physical performance
standards.  And that’s not good because that just wasted a bunch of time and money for both sides (recruit & Service branch).  Not to mention the demotivation factor of being the last guy to finish all the events, constantly barking up a lung, or blowing chow all over your cammies.

A recent study by Cuddy, Slivka, et.al. discusses the factors associated with military physical fitness test success (J Strength Cond Res 25 (12): 3486-34-94, 2011).  The authors found that the key indicators of a candidate’s potential to successfully reach the standards (in 12 weeks) were as follows:

 a) Enter the program being able to run 2.41 km< = 10:41min
 b) Have a body fat <=12.9%
 c) Participate in a minimum of 30 m/day of vigorous physical activity

So strap on those running shoes, drop some pounds, scrap the Xbox
and get out there and do something physical!

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