I like the latest and greatest training tools, techniques and supplements.  Who
doesn’t?  We’ve got pre-workout drinks and regimens, during workout drinks, post workout drinks and supplements.  G1, G2, G3….pretty soon there’ll be a G:Sleep iv-drip for optimum recovery when you’re body needs it most, during delta brain waves.

But deep down I think we all know that simple is better.  And certainly less expensive.  Endurance athletes that normally eat Sports Jelly Beans during prolonged sessions will find sun-dried raisins to be a cost-effective alternative (J. Strength Cond Res 25
(11): 3150 –3156, 2011).  They’re equally effective at maintaining blood glucose levels and I’m sure they taste better.  Likewise, low fat chocolate milk is found in more and more studies to be an ideal post-workout recovery drink (J. Strength Cond Res 25 (11): 3198 – 3204, 2011).  And who doesn’t like chocolate milk?

It’s not that complicated. Train on a regular basis in your chosen activity/sport.  Strive for steady, incremental progress. Keep records. Eat frequent, balanced meals (carbs/protein) of whole foods.  Have some fun.  Get some sleep.   That doesn’t sound hard, does it?  So get off your rump and just go do it.  

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