“Becoming new” is a thing you can do any time you realize you and your adversary have got into the feeling of just scraping along – you should immediately change your spirit, and employ a totally different tactic to win.”
–Miyamoto Musashi, Go Rin No Sho, from the “Fire” scroll

So who’s your adversary? Unlike Musashi, it’s probably not an adversary bent on your imminent destruction.  But is it a feeling
of boredom or stagnation with your training routine?  Reluctance to embark on a better nutritional plan?  Feeling tired with the current 8-5?  All of these things can be considered an adversary, or at least adversarial.

In most of these cases, it is a matter of “spirit” or even “will”.  You have to want to  continue, to make a change, to train even if you don’t feel like it.  I’ve been training on a regular and serious basis for over 30 years.  Needless to say, I love to train!  But there are days where I have to drag my lazy tush off the couch and talk myself into getting something done.  It happens. One of the reasons I research and try different training techniques is to keep it fresh and interesting, to keep from “just scraping along.”  My philosophy is that if you keep things fun, interesting, maybe add a little element of danger or craziness, you’re more likely to want to train, and likely to train more frequently and for longer.   And that’s a good thing.  Because all the reps count, and they all add up.  Training is supposed to be a lifelong endeavor, and it’s supposed to be fun, not a chore.  
So follow Musashi’s advice – change your spirit.  Employ something totally different, become new, become energized, and train.

Finally got around to crossing this project off my list.  Don’t know why I waited so long.  TRX and other suspension trainers have been all the rage for the past several years, despite having been part of our physical culture since prior to the 1860s. But they figured out a way to go mainstream, charge $200 for some straps, cables, & loops, and make money. Good for them.  

But I’d rather save my hard-earned shekels for something sharp & shiny or loud & concealable.  So I trolled around and checked out several sites on home-made versions.   I liked the one at Ross Enamait’s site, Rosstraining.com.  Ross’s site is a great place for advice, inspiration, and plenty of other DIY advice and projects.   I used some other guy’s YouTube video to make a quick and easy door anchor.  
I found the lashing straps on Amazon, and the PVC and rope for the foot loops at Lowes.  Total spend< $27.  It took longer to order and acquire the supplies than it did to make the system.  Now I have another highly functional addition to the home-gym system
while saving more than $150.  And it can be used and scaled for the rest of the tribe as they work on their pushing/pulling/core movements.  This was/is a great investment in so many ways.  
I wanted to give it a try, so I cranked out a quick workout:

Double KB Squat to Push-Press; Single KB Clean & Press; Single Leg RDLs
Suspension Trainer: Alternated sets Pushups & Rows, 10 x 10