Some fitness claims are hard to believe, but here’s one with valid research protocol to back it up.  Researchers in the UK (J Strength Cond Res 26(8):2228-2233, 2012) wanted to find out if Kettlebell swing training could influence both maximum and explosive strength.  Short answer: Absolutely.

What did they do?  Twice a week using a 16kg KB (for those weighing > 70kg) they performed 12 rounds  of 30 seconds
on, 30 seconds off, performing as many swings as possible using correct technique.  They did not perform any other resistance exercise during this 6-week period.  
How did it work?  After 6 weeks of bi-weekly KB training, the trainee’s maximum strength
increased 12% and their explosive strength increased 15%. That’s pretty darn good for a 12 minute work out twice a week.  
It’s definitely consistent with what I’ve found using KBs for the past 10-12 years.  They’re very time efficient and impact your cardio, strength, and endurance.  The ballistic nature of the training also makes them ideal for anyone involved in the martial arts (or any other sport for that matter!).  So if you haven’t already, go out and pick up a KB in the 12-16kg range and learn how to do a KB Swing.  You’ll be in better shape in 6 weeks.

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