Additional research in that supports KBs as an alternative to traditional weightlifting exercises and powerlifting
exercises.   Researchers at Long Island University found that a 10 week program that featured 2 KB sessions/wk, divided into 5 cycles of 4 days each, was successful at creating “significant improvements in 3RM clean and jerk and 3RM bench press.” (J Strength Cond Res 27 (2): 477-484, 2013)

Now if I was going to compete in a traditional lifting competition, I wouldn’t scrap standard routines and focus on exclusively on KBs.  But the study does give support to the coaches or individuals that are limited by space and budgets and can’t manage a full Olympic barbell set, benches, platforms etc.  One of the things I like about KBs is that I can line them up next to the wall in my garage and still have space for the vehicles, basketballs, footballs, baseballs, Frisbees, and assorted family paraphernalia.  They are also very portable, so I can throw them in the back of the Suburban and head to the park or to a friend’s house where we can pool resources.  

If you or a client thinks they can’t afford the space or cost of weightlifting equipment, consider adding a couple KBs into your collection.  Maximum effect in minimum packaging.

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