I’ve noticed lately that I need to work on my conditioning as it relates to competing/performing timed rounds. So I whipped up a workout called the “Power of 3’s”.

5 minutes Stinger techniques (over/under, side-to-side, circular punching, Stinger/elbow/knee, etc.)

3 alternating sets of Suspension Trainer inverted rows & Slam sets on the Mook Jong

3 “stations” 
a) 3 pushups (any variety)
b) Sandbag shouldering, 3L/3R
c) KB Complex: Swing/Clean/Snatch, 3L/3R

Complete the circuit as many times as possible in 3 minutes, 1 min. rest, 3 rounds total
That’s it.  Quick and dirty, got the heart pumping, up and down from the ground, changing planes, compound exercises.  You can scale the difficulty with longer/more rounds, shorter rest, changing the exercise variation, adding “stations”, weight of the sandbag, weight of the KB, # reps etc.  

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