Only had time for a quick workout before dinner.  Just did a some Tabata style rope.  Three 4 minute rounds of rope patterns done in 20 sec on/10 sec off fashion.  Two minutes rest in between rounds.  Then a finisher in the back yard which consisted of:

     4 Burpee Pulls {burpees with a pullup on the “jump” portion}
     Farmer's Carry, two 70 lb. KBs, ~ 20 yds
     Lunges – back to the pullup bar

 Repeat for 4:00 min total

 I liked this finisher. Well rounded, push, pull, carry, squat, lunge.  All wholesome goodness.  Could have added a sandbag to the Lunges, but didn’t feel like messing
around with getting any more equipment out.   Could also add or substitute Bear Crawls, Crab Walks, or other Quadrapedal movements in place of the Lunges.  
There you have it. About 30 minutes total with a quick warm-up, 4 x 4:00 minute rounds, and rest periods.  Quick and dirty, then done.  

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