Interesting statistics shared over at the Low Tech Combat site in an article on “The King Hit” (or sucker punch as we’d call it here in the US).  Whether it’s from the Knockout Game or just not paying attention at the local adult watering hole, getting hit when you’re unprepared is bad news.

But I hadn’t seen this type of data before (from 175 attacks reported from 2005 – 2011):

  • 99% of attacks committed by men (not much of surprise here)
  • 96% of victims were men (also not surprising)
  • 49% of attackers were aged 18-23 (ritual hierarchical monkey dance?)
  • 94% of attackers were with friends or in a group (status, reputation, ego; plus it’s not just you vs. him, you have his buddies to worry about)
  • 82% of attacks occurred on a Friday or Saturday night (good time to stay home)
  • 71% of attacks were between the hours of 10 pm – 4 am (go home and go to bed early! Nothing good happens after 10 pm)
  • 12% of king hits resulted in death (scary)
 So stay alert out there. 

As the karate maxims say “The eye must see all sides, the ear must listen in all directions”

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