Good article in Feb 2012 issue of the Strength & Conditioning Journal that discusses specific needs for female Mixed Martial Artists.  In general, a focus on increasing lean body mass, upper body strength, and preventing injuries, especially in the knee. 
In an effort to increase LBM and testosterone  levels, the authors (Schick, Brown, and Schick) emphasize multi-joint lifts  (squat, clean, deadlift etc.), decreasing rest periods between sets, increasing
sets (at least 3) and increasing intensity.  Makes sense, but it never ceases to amaze me the number of folks that seem to emphasize single joint, machine based “weight training”. Unless you’re trying to rehab an injured part or you’re prepping for a bodybuilding competition, I don’t know why you’d consider most single joint exercises or a

I really liked a couple of their interval training examples given.  The first was a Circuit
weight training session.  Meant to be done 3X with a minute rest in between (to mimic an MMA fight).  

Exercise            Reps/duration
Jump rope                 1 min
BB rev lunge              10-12
Push Press                 4-6
Bent row                    8-10
Hang clean                 4-6
Deadlift                       6-8
Med Ball jump squat    6-8
Med Ball rotations        20
KB swings                    10-12
Plank                            1 min

The second included MMA specific exercises and requires a partner and/or grappling dummy.  Each technique done for 30s ea, 3 min total, one minute rest between rounds.

Round 1
Shadow Box; Takedowns on dummy; Guard passing drills; Ground & Pound; Arm Bar submission drills; Triangle Submission drills

Round 2
Kick heavybag; sprawls; punch heavy bag; knees in clinch; elbows drill; shrimping drill

Round 3
Kickboxing with pads; tie ups; knees in clinch; sprawls; isometric bridge; ground & pound
I liked the focus of this article.   It’s one of the first I’d seen specifically targeted at female MMA.  With the rise of athletes like Ronda Rousey, I think the trend for female participation in the combative arts is likely to increase for the foreseeable future.  

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