Lessons learned from this recent incident in NASCAR truck racing.  Key event is approx. 50 seconds into this video:

1) The open hand slap is an effective technique.  There are
many that prefer the slap vs. the punch as an offensive technique.   Much less risk to hurting your hand on someone’s cranium.   Anyone can apply it without specialized training or hand conditioning. 
2)The preferred angle of attack on the jaw is from back to front.  This makes it most susceptible to break or dislocate.

3) Don’t piss off the girlfriend.  If you do piss off the girlfriend, don’t block with your

Dave in Japan
9/17/2013 03:57:53 pm

Similarly, a cupped hand to the ear is also very effective with much less likelihood of damage to the hand than a punch.

9/18/2013 02:31:44 am

Dave - always appreciated the "slap" found in sumo training and application. Would this be considered a "Hatakikomi"?


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