Here’s one from Anthony Diluglio at the Art of Strength.  A “Ropes Gone Wild  Workout” that combines two of my favorite tools - KBs and ropes, and one of my favorite places - outside.  This one can cover it all – UB, LB, Core, posterior chain. 

All sorts of variations could be done using this as an “anchor”exercise.  Add in some BW sets.  Or have a 2nd KB at one end of the park, drag a KB away (forward or backward) as shown, then sprint back to the other KB and bang out some swings, C&P, snatch etc.  
You can do it for multiple timed sets to mimic your competition rounds (ex. BJJ, wrestling, boxing, MMA), for distance, or one long timed set (ex. as many sets/reps as you can get in 15 minutes). 
I’d suggest doing this one at a park, a beach, sand volleyball court or somewhere you don’t mind scuffing up the turf (neighbor’s yard after dark?).  Have fun.

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