What is“Malibu”?  Even though it sounds like a Baywatch episode, it’s not (although how can anything with David Hasselhoff & Pamela Anderson be bad? Acting that fine only comes around once a generation).  Malibu is a whole body workout using ropes and calisthenics created by the folks over at CalRopes.com.  

How’s it work? 
Set your timer for 45 Sets: 30 seconds “on” (ropes) and 40 seconds off (calisthenics + rest)
They suggest rotating thru 3 different patterns for the rope waves – small alternating, small double, and small double 45 degree waves.  I’ve done it with up to 10 Martial Rope
patterns or as few as 2 to keep it simple (alternating vertical or double waves)

There are 3 different calisthenics – Pushups, 3-Count Mountain Climbers, and Burpees
In the first rest period, do 1 pushup. During the second rest period, do 2 pushups. Etc. 
Work your way up to 15 reps of the pushup, then in set 16, do 1 mountain climber during the rest period.  Then 2 mountain climbers.  And so on. IF you get to the 45th set and the 15 Burpees, you’ll be wishing you didn’t eat that Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese and Supersized fries for lunch.

You can check out a sample video and get a PDF of the workout here.

Why I like it:

It covers major muscle groups, UB, LB, explosive movements (burpee), and Cardio.

Other calisthenics can be added or substituted based on ability and/or interest levels.

It can be scaled according to how much time you have or your current fitness level.  If you
have less time, do fewer sets, and/or shorten the rope time. If you can’t do up to 15 reps of each exercise (which is 120 cumulative), just work up to 3, 5, 10 or whatever.  
You can adjust the feel/intensity by changing the order of the exercises.  For example, instead of doing all the pushups, then moving on to all MCs, then all Burpees, stagger the exercises.  In set 1 perform one pushup.  Set 2, one MC.  Set 3, one Burpee.  Set 4, two pushups.  Etc.   Or drop one exercise and pyramid reps up and down with just the Pushups and Burpees.  
It can be done with a partner.  Make the work set and “rest” set the same length, so while you’re swinging the rope, they’re doing the calisthenics and resting.  
Give it a try.  I think you’ll like it (when you’re done).

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