Kyuzo Mifune Judo Clip - Amazing balance and body control shown by Sensei Mifune.  Well worth the 6 minutes.  “The greatest judo technician ever, after Kano”?  You decide.  Dude floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee.

The  Best Exercise There is, Hands Down - I totally agree with Mark Sisson on this account. When in doubt, DO SOMETHING.    As Alfred Adler said: “Trust only movement. Life happens at the level of events, not of words. Trust movement.”

More on Sucker Punches -   How do you defend against this?  Other than being hyper
 vigilant, what could stop this kind of attack. You walk out of a store with your
girlfriend/spouse take a few steps and some dude walking behind you just punches
you in the head?  Crazy.

You Have The Right To Stay Out of Jail- Interesting infographic.  Now I’m a strong
believer in law & order and a friend of LEOs, but I’ve been told by several in the profession that the appropriate answer any time an Officer asks “Can I search your car?” or “Can I come in?” is “NO”.  Once you’ve given them permission, all sorts of bad things can happen that you’ve just given up your rights to prevent.    

Here’s a hypothetical example.  Let’s say you are a Concealed Carry Permit holder in the Commonwealth of PA.   And you inadvertently leave a firearm in your vehicle, but then cross state lines into one of our neighboring  States that don’t provide reciprocity
(ex. Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Maryland) or may have legislated
onerous regs (magazine capacity limits, hollow point bans etc.).  You are pulled over for speeding, during which the Officer asks to search your car.  You, thinking that you
have nothing to hide and want to be helpful, say “Sure”. They find the firearm with an “illegal” high capacity magazine and hollow points, and you my friend, are hosed. 
Why risk it?  Just say “NO”, while being polite and non-suspicious/nervous.  (Of course there’s always the case where you knowingly carry concealed in a jurisdiction or state where you aren’t “officially” licensed and come into contact with law enforcement. 
That can lead to a pretty high pucker factor.)

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