An article in the recent Tactical Strength and Conditioning report, July/August 2013, Issue 29, outlines a pilot study and sample program using KBs for Firefighters.  Although the sample size was small (n=5), the exercises are solid and the program fundamentally sound.  One of the reasons that I like it is that it shows how a few basic exercises (in this case Turkish Get-up, 2H Swings, Military Press, Front Squat)  followed in a disciplined fashion over 12 weeks can result in substantial strength gains (33-200%).  
The program consists of 4 sessions alternated 3X/week for 12 weeks.  
A1, B1, A2
B2, A1, B1
A2, B2, A1 
B1, A2, B2 etc.  
Training Session A = TGU + 2H Swing
Training Session B = Military Press + Front Squats

The specifics for A1, B1, A2, and B2 can be found in the article linked above.  Basically they
consist of focused practice for time (ex. 10 minutes of TGU, 20 min Swings), ladder progressions, or sets of 5X5 or 3X3. 

This looks like a great program to focus on the basic KB lifts.  And if you could only do 4 KB exercises, these are the 4 I would  pick anyway.  The sequence and reps are laid out for you, so it’s a no brainer to follow.   Why not give it a try?  My plan is to work on this as an 8-week cycle as I ease into some KB work after tweaking my back in July.  

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