Free article over at the NSCA site outlines some different boxing protocols based on which energy system is being stressed (ex. Beginning of the fight, early stages, or longer
than a minute).  
Beginning of the fight (phosphagen system)
Work:Rest  of 1:12 –1:20
Ex. Hit for 10 seconds, Rest for 2minutes
90-100% of maximal power
Simple combinations, ex: jab, jab/cross, hook
Into the Tussle, longer than 15 seconds (glycolytic system)
Work:Rest of 1:3 – 1:5
Ex. Hit for 15 seconds, Rest for 45 seconds
75-90% of maximal power
Confrontation > 1 minute (glycolytic + oxidative systems)
Work:Rest of 1:3 – 1:4
Ex. Hit for 1- 3 minutes, Rest for 3-9 minutes
30-75% of maximal power

I find it a helpful reminder that there are different stages of a confrontations and that you also need to train the different energy systems in specific ways.   I seem to spend most of my time in the 2nd style of training.  During longer rest intervals (>3 minutes) I’ll keep moving, doing some dynamic stretching, practicing a form, specific technique, or weapons combination so that I’m being efficient and still getting something done that needs worked on, just not stressing the energy system.  But I’m not just sitting there checking my Smartphone.  

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