Achieving a New Year’s resolution (or any other goal) is
relatively simple to do:

1) Decide what it is you want (ex. better reverse punch; smoother disarms; Gain/Lose 20 lbs; run a mile in 6:30; a new Ferrari or BMW or Yugo).

2) Figure out what steps, no matter how small, that will lead towards that goal.
3) Do it

Well if it’s so simple to do, why don’t more people do it?  
Because it’s simple NOT to do.

It’s much simpler to eat too much quick, crappy food than it is to plan ahead and have the ingredients on hand to make something healthy or have made enough over the weekend to pack in lunches all week.

It’s simpler to come home from work and crash in front of the Tube with your favorite beverage (“Oh, I drink Diet” – bully for you) than it is to work-out or stretch or read.  
It’s simpler to sleep in on Sundays instead of getting up and going to the church of your choice. 

The people that are successful in achieving their goals, in any category, are the ones that have more successful self-talk.  I’m going to steal a line from a recent Martin Rooney article, to continually ask myself: “Am I headed in the direction of better?”   Is what I’m doing right now, leading me closer to or taking me farther from any of my short or long term goals?  Is this making me a better Husband, Father, Volunteer, Employee, Martial
Artist, Fitness enthusiast?  
If I can’t answer that question with an affirmative “Yes”, then it should not surprise me if I’m having trouble achieving my goals. 

So, I have two recommendations:
1) Ask yourself this question a lot: “Am I headed in the direction of better?”   
2) Always be able to answer “Yes”

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