It always amazes me to watch an altercation unfold or to see one after the fact.  I usually wonder “What were they thinking?”   There are many valuable lessons to be learned from the following video:

Group of men attack MMA fighter after fighter slaps

1)  Not sure what evidence there is that the one participant is an “MMA fighter”.   His clothes?  Outerwear does not make one an MMA fighter, any more than aviator sunglasses make me a pilot.

2)  If one is an MMA fighter (or any other type of combative athlete) maybe you should keep a lower profile and try to blend in.  And don't be a jerk.

3) If someone mouths off to you (male or female, but especially female), the best strategy is to walk away.  No good can come from escalating the situation, even if it makes you feel better in protecting your pride or manhood.  One of my Sensei told me that there are 2 strategies in dealing with assholes – A) walk away, because if you smacked every asshole that you encountered, you wouldn’t get anything else done, or B) smack them, but you better be able to do it right and take care of business.  I’ve always chosen option A.

4) When it comes to dealing with when/if you should escalate or respond physically, I remember an old interview with karate pioneer Thomas Lapuppet. He said in essence, you can say anything you want, call me anything you want, disrespect my Momma, and it don’t mean nothing.  But if you try to lay your hands on me (or my family), then we’re
going to dance and someone could get hurt.  
5) Once the situation escalates and moves outside, then the female’s friends actually become the aggressors.  There are multiple attackers and they have introduced weapon(s) into the mix.  They are not just protecting her honor; they are guilty of assault with a deadly weapon and of using deadly force.  

6) It ends badly for everyone, especially the guy on the ground.  Once he is down and defenseless, there is no need to continue pounding on him, especially not the final kick to the head.  That is potentially lethal.

7)  The most common cause of death in a street fight is hitting your head on the pavement.  Either while falling or being thrown down, or while you’re on the ground and someone attacks you further (as here or in the Zimmerman case).  So as the defender, you need to protect your head on/from the ground and you should take the situation seriously and be prepared to defend yourself with adequate force.  For commentators in the Zimmerman case to say that his scenario was equivalent to getting a broken nose in a bar fight and that Martin was shot for no good reason (i.e. it wasn't that serious) just demonstrates a lack of understanding of combative reality.  Getting your head bashed into the pavement is potentially lethal.  As the aggressor (or defender turned aggressor), you have to know when to stop.  Do you have the legal, moral, and ethical justification to continue in this struggle?  If you’ve defended yourself and then throw the guy to the ground, think more than twice about continuing with some boot stomps, because you could go to jail, even if you were originally justified in the response.

8) Moral of the story –  walk away from the mouthy chick (or guy) at the Minit-Mart.   No good can come of it and lives can change permanently based on one stupid slap.  

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