I put together this quick workout using sandbags and KBs to use as a finisher after doing some technical/skill drills.  It’s fundamentally a basic pyramid structure, as I increase the weight used, I decrease the reps (or in this case, the length of the round).  The weights don’t have to be exact, just in the ballpark.  If you have access to a full rack of DBs or lots of free weights, those would work too.  The only rule is that during the round, either you and/or the weight have to be moving.  

Round 1 - 5 minutes x 25% BW             
     3 minutes rest

Round 2 - 3 minutes x 50% BW    
    1 minute rest

Round 3 - 1 minute x 75% BW             
    5 minutes rest (if you’re going to repeat)

So here’s how it looked for my rounds.  Round 1 I used a 50lb. sandbag. Set the countdown timer for 5:00.   I started out with some Clean & Press, then some Rows, Squats, Shouldering, and finished with carrying in assorted positions for the remainder of the time.   Rest 3 minutes.

Round 2 I used a 90lb. sandbag.  To be completely accurate I should have used 95 lbs., but I can only go in 10lb. increments with my current sandbag setup.  Timer set for 3:00.  More
cleans, rows, squats & shouldering, finishing with assorted carries. The key is not to put the bag down and to have the entire time under tension.  This is great for developing work
capacity.  Rest for 1 minute.

Round 3 I used two 70 lb. Kettlebells.  Timer set for 1:00.  In this case I just cleaned both KBs and started walking with them in the rack position. After a while I dropped them down to finish with a Farmer’s Carry.

There it is. 13 minutes of very functional fitness, lifting, carrying and moving weights in different planes, stressing the body in a wide variety of motions.  Easy to modify this
according to your ability or equipment that’s available.  Add time to the rounds, increase or decrease the weight, increase or decrease the rest intervals.  


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