Very interesting post by Eric Wong (here) that discusses tight hips.   I don’t notice it so much in the squatting or deadlift motions that he describes, but I definitely notice a change in flexibility and tightness during Round House kicks with my left leg.  20 years ago this used to be my lead side and I could easily kick opponents taller than myself in the head with either round house or hook kicks.  No more.  If I’m very warmed up and have stretched specifically to kick high, then I can kick at head height.  But it’s work.    
I’d say there are two primary reasons: a) connective tissues have gone thru a natural aging process and tightened up (yup, it happens) and b) I don’t stretch and kick like that anywhere near as much as I used to (it also happens – it’s called family, work, volunteer activities etc.).

So I’m definitely going to add these first two techniques, Static Active Hip Rotation and Lateral Leg Drop, to some regular mobility work and see what kind of effect it has. 
Will keep you posted, but let me know what you think.  (The video is linked Below, or can be accessed thru the original article). 

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