I’m working on the KB Challenge thrown out there
by Forest Vance.  Here are the details:

2 Clean & Press (each side)
4 Snatch (each side)
12 Goblet Squats
16 Hand2Hand Swings
5X thru as fast as possible
Official weight = 24 kg (men), 16 kg (women)

14 min. or less = Good
12 min. or less = Great
10 min. or less = Elite
I started playing with this about 6 weeks ago, 1-2X per week.  My first goal was to complete the required reps/sets with the 16kg KB and hit the 10 minute mark.  I achieved that last weekend with a time of 9:40.  
So my next goal is to hit the 10:00 with the 24kg KB.  To that end, I’m gradually increasing the volume and decreasing the rest intervals.  
Today was a 2, 4, 6, 8 series:
2 C&P; 4 Snatch; 6 Squats; 8 H2H Swings; 5 Rounds, ~ 3 min rest between rounds.

At this point I’m not worrying about my time.  Just gradually greasing the groove and building the reps in the Squats and Swings, adding a couple every workout.  At least one other day per week I’ll do a light KB workout with the 16 kg and some additional goblet
squats with the 24 kg.  I think that with some waviness in the program and progressive overload, I’m on track to hit my target of 10:00 by the end of August.

Give it a try.  Start with whatever weight you’re comfortable with and build from there.   Even with a warm-up and cool-down, you can be in and out in 30 minutes; just the kind of workout that I think is perfect.

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